Flesh Mapping: an exhibition on prostitution and the sex trade

There are still ten days left to check out the multi-media exhibition that looks at prostitution in Vancouver and international sex trafficking.

Flesh Mapping: Vancouver Markets Pacific Women ends December 10 and includes Haruko Okano, Bettina Matzkuhn, Susanne Rutchinski and Krista Tupper exploring and revealing the demand for prostitution in Vancouver as well as international sex trafficking. Live feed and video connects 60 women at the Gallery Gachet installation, with 15 Pacific Rim women meeting at the Vancouver Art Gallery and 100 gathered at the Vancouver Public Library Central Branch.

A description of one of the installations from the organizers:

Flesh Mapping: a Feminist Conversation.

Hosted by Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter, 15 feminists organizers from around the Pacific Rim will gather daily for two hours in artful discussion of the conditions of women, the marketing of women, the nature of pacific trade and the connections between prostitution in Vancouver and international trafficking in girls and women. This Pacific Rim information will be linked by two-way live feed to the Vancouver installation at Gallery Gachet displayed on screens at both sites.
To view live streaming video of the Vancouver Art Gallery event click here. The video will be available between November 25th to December 10th from 2 to 4 pm.

Flesh Mapping: Vancouver Markets Pacific Women runs from November 25 to December 10 and is presented in conjunction with WACK!Art and the Feminist Revolution at the Vancouver Art Gallery. To find out about installations, exhibitions, and multi-media viewing (on line or on site) visit here.



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