Leeds Programme

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Porn Cultures:
Regulation, Political Economy, Technology

Monday 15- Tuesday 16 June, Weetwood Hall Leeds 






conference programme

Monday 15 June


Registration and Coffee 9- 9.30 am




Presentation of the Porn Cultures and Policy Network and aims of the conference

Porn Cultures and Policy Network convenors
Katharine Sarikakis Director Centre for International Communications Research (Leeds)

Liza Tsaliki (University of Athens)

Conference Co-organiser Dave Hesmondhalgh, Director Media Industries Research Centre


9.30-10.30 BRAMLEY ROOM


Sessions A and B 10.30- 12.00


Session ABramley Room 

The Political Economy of the Pornography Industry

Chair: Dave Hesmondhalgh


Session BLinden Room  

Children and Pornography

Chair: Liza Tsaliki

Pornography in the Global Sex Industry
Sheila Jeffreys University of Melbourne AustraliaThe ‘Real’ Dominatrix: Myths, Mothers and Mobile Phone Numbers Jenny Barrett Edge Hill University UK Mikhail Bakhtin’s “fanciful anatomy:” Internet pornography and the politics of pleasure within a theory of proletarianization.
Marcus Breen Northeastern University Boston USA 

Ksusha’s Story: Film screening and discussion
Sue Sudbury Bournemouth University UK

The Death of “Child Erotica”
Mary G. Leary Catholic University of America USA Consuming Innocence: Pornography and the Sexualisation of Children Debate
Catharine Lumby University of New South Wales Australia Child pornography on the internet and policy questions. The Greek case
Panayiota Tsatsou Swansea University UK

Young People and Pornography: An Insight from North-East England
Aylssa Cowell Streetwise Young Peoples Project



Monday 15 June Continued



Lunch  12.15-1.30 Woodland Suite



Sessions A and B  1.45 -3.15


Bramley Room Activism, Art and Politics

Chair: Rebecca Sullivan


Linden Room Socialisation of the Sexually Explicit Imagery

Chair: Marcus Breen

The Rhetoric of Porn in Feminist and Postfeminist Art: From Critique to Complicity
Sarah Smith The Glasgow School of Art  UK Voices of resistance: the re-emergence of feminist anti-porn activism
Julia Long London South Bank University UKDefining feminist pornography as an extension of the Third Wave
Rachel Liberman University Of Colorado at Boulder USA

The pornification of popular culture in Australia and the movement against it
Melinda Tankard Reist Women’s Forum Australia

Does pornography damage young people?
Alan McKee Queensland University of Technology AustraliaSexually Explicit Material and Adolescent Sexual Health – A cause for concern?
Clare Bale UKDeconstructing Sexuality: Pornography and Docility
Janelle McLeod University of Manitoba Canada

Beyond the raincoats: The porn consumer in mainstream media 
Karen Boyle University of Glasgow UK


Coffee Break 3.00 – 3.15


Monday 15 June continued



PLENARY 3.15- 4.45 Bramley Room



Revisiting Porn Cultures and Policy



Chair: Katharine Sarikakis


Mapping Pornography: Constructing and Deconstructing the Text
Prof Gail Dines, Wheelock College Boston USA 


Regulating Pornography in the Age of the Internet
Prof Julian Petley, Brunel University UK


Regulating Extreme Pornography in the UK: the turn to law
Prof Clare McGlynn, Durham University, UK



4.45-5.30 Discussion and expression of interest for network research


5.30 Wine Reception



7.30pm Conference Dinner



Thai Edge Restaurant (New Portland Street, 7 Calverley Street, Leeds LS1 3DY)



Tuesday 16 June




Registration and Coffee 8.30 -9



Sessions A and B 9-10.30


Bramley Room Reflections on Regulation


Chair: Katharine Sarikakis


Linden Room Complicating the debates about the ‘pornification’ or ‘sexualisation’ of culture

Convenor: Rosalind Gill


What’s so wrong with morality? The regulation of ‘extreme pornography’ in the UK
Paul Johnson University of Surrey UKWhere the Web meets regulation: the case of Karen Fletcher
Beth Concepcion University of South Carolina USANot A Love Story: Framing the Canadian Sex Crisis
Rebecca Sullivan University of Calgary Canada

An analysis of Brazilian regulation on pornographic advertising
Cristiano Aguiar Lopes Office of Legislative Counsel and Policy Guidance Brazilian Parliament  Brazil

Beyond the ‘sexualisation of culture’ thesis: an intersectional analysis, Rosalind Gill Open University UK altpornification: porn cultures and new online sex media,
Feona Attwood, Sheffield Hallam University UK The Sex Inspectors’: Porn culture and sexual failure,
Laura Harvey, Open University UK 

Too young to understand”? Children and ‘sexualised’ media
Sara Bragg, Open University 

Putting pornification and the sexual commodification of girls on the UK educational policy ‘Gender Agenda’
Jessica Ringrose, Institute of Education, University of London UK 



Coffee Break 10. 30- 10.45





Tuesday 16 June continued





Sessions A and B 10.45- 12.15


Bramley Room Technologising Production and Consumption


Chair: Liza Tsaliki


Linden Room The Porn Paradigm



Chair: Gail Dines

A paradox of power: The male pornography consumer
Jennifer A. Johnson Virginia Commonwealth University USAVirtually Commercial Sex,
Sarah Neely University of Stirling UK‘The Escort Experience’ Discourses of Commercial Sex
Evangelos Liotzis University of Athens Greece

Sites of intersectionality: Cyberporn and body geographies
Pedro Pinto University of Minho Portugal

The Medical Authority of Pornography
Meagan Tyler University of Melbourne Australia Public Sex, public choice and public policy: sexist advertising under scrutiny
Lauren Rosewarne University of Melbourne Australia Sexually explicit imagery in the Romanian media
Valentina Marinescu University of Bucharest Romania

From Jekyll to Hyde: How the Porn Industry Grooms Male Consumers
Rebecca Whisnant University of Dayton USA



Lunch 12.30- 2.00 Woodland Suite


Tuesday 16 June continued



PLENARY 2.00- 3.30 Bramley Room



Reflecting on Action


Chair: Clare McGlynn


The Personal and the Universal Spectrum – the experience of the European Women’s lobby and trafficking
Elizabeth Law UK Board Member, European Women’s Lobby


Controlling Access to Indecent Images: Mediated Internet Communications
Prof Ian Walden Vice- Chair of Internet Watch Foundation,
Queen Mary, University of London


Depraving and Corrupting – Sex Works and Obscenity in the UK
 Murray Perkins Senior Examiner (18 and R18 Categories) British Board of Film Classification



Coffee 3.30-3.45



3.45-5.30 Bramley Room


Open assembly:
common ground for research agendas and intervention